The Internet has obviously opened up a massive amount of scope for people to sell. I did a webinar the other day and I spoke about how local businesses can sell to pretty much anybody in the world. With avenues such social media getting in front of Facebook users with it’s 1.4 billion reach, can give you a huge different perspective for your local business.

As a business that provides a service such as a chiropractor or a local gym. How would you incorporate this strategy.

small business tipsSo how can you sell, how can a gym sell to the world? It just sounds impossible. How can a chiropractor sell their services to pretty much anybody in the world. It just sounds impossible but in today’s age people are hungry for information, we live in an information world at the moment. This is what the Internet has created and people will pay for this information.  If you want to find out information today all you need to do is google it to try and gather information out. However, you will find bits of information on the Internet that, let’s face it could be old; it could be the wrong information or not from a credible source. As an example YouTube is a good place to find information on,  the information is obviously there but it might not be a credible source and let’s face it you don’t want to waste your time by implementing this information and finding out that it is not right.

People are always looking for credible sources and being a local business you can sell the information that you have in your head, because at the end of the day as a local business you have an expertise and thus you have got expert information that other people will buy off you. Now if you have never come across this concept before just think about when you have ever bought anything online, any kind of course online which teaches you something perhaps how to make money from Facebook or how to do Facebook ads or some kind of course.

This is an information product and people will spend money for it. Just think about membership sites that are out there. People buy into membership sites and ultimately there is information in there that people consume and pay on a monthly basis for. So you being a Chiropractor or a gym for instance. If you are a gym you can easily add onto your website or create a new website if you like but you can easily add onto your website a few pages where you have recorded yourself sitting there  doing bench presses,  showing people how to do a bench press correctly, so they don’t injure themselves and thereby getting maximum growth on their chest. This is very valuable information as people spend hours and hours down the gym, sometimes an estimate of three times a week there about.

Basically if you pay for a gym membership, you would not want to waste your time doing these things wrongly.  So providing this information to people is golden really and people will pay for this information. Packaging this up into a 1 to 2 minute video and then uploading let’s say 20 of these videos or 30, or even 50 into a membership area on your site and it is very easy to lock down things as a membership. There are plug-ins that you can use on your website which you can do that with but ultimately I’m saying is you can put all this information into one group and into a few pages where people can consume and you can also charge people for this information. So charging people for it you might say to me, “hey okay I built all this and where do I get people to buy my product” from social media which is a massive resource and very much under utilised. A lot of people think, social media is for posting what you had for dinner last night and stuff like that and every other person on social media is doing the same. However, it is not all about that and there is a lot of interacting with people that are looking for information.

You build it once, so it might take you lets say three days and you can sell this product how many times? Once, three times maybe four or five times you can sell it. Hell no! you can sell this millions upon millions upon millions of times.

I’m interacting with people that are creating products and selling products online information products as well and there is no reason why you or anyone else can’t do that and using social media like Facebook 1.4 billion active accounts on Facebook 1.4 billion. On the other hand Google Plus has 300 million active accounts and there’s a lot of traffic on there, if you noticed there is a lot of groups on there as well. I don’t know if  you have been on there and seen the groups or joined some of the groups on these social media platforms. You can find pretty much a group for anything you want on Facebook, just type it into Facebook’s search bar on the top, and you can find a group to do with making money online,  ranking YouTube videos, bodybuilding, chiropractors, doesn’t matter what it is you will find a group for it.

It doesn’t matter what it is, there are groups out there for it and you can join these groups and start being part of it and contribute to them. You are going to get people in these groups starting to take notice of you and you’ve got a product there and let us just think about this as well, when you build, record some videos and put them into a members area. As a chiropractor all you need to do is record some videos and package it in a members area once and not have to do anymore work on it.

information productsYou build it once, so it might take you lets say three days and you can sell this product how many times? Once, three times maybe four or five times you can sell it. Hell no! you can sell this millions upon millions upon millions of times. It is a digital asset that you have created and it sits on a webpage for absolutely an infinity amount of people to access. You can sell out to millions of people all over the world. Your reach is as big as you want it to be on the social media platforms. If you work hard enough on the social media platforms you will bring traffic to you and people will consume your content and once you build it, it is there for years to come.

If it is a product however, that needs to be updated all the time.  the information is constantly changing unless it’s something like that then. For instance a gym, if you are local gym and you create a video course on how to build yourself, do your shoulders, your back, you can bet all that information has been the same for the past God knows how many years. So you build this information and once you build this membership, it is there to sell for the rest of your days. So just think about that for the moment, we are talking about how local businesses can sell to the world. Even if you are a plumber for instance, as a local plumber the best social media platform will be Youtube. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world and people are actively going to YouTube and looking for information. Lots of people go to YouTube to look for all sorts of information.

Let’s say you are plumber and you have uploaded some video content into your membership site,  people are already searching for this kind of information and as I said people can find this information on YouTube but hey who is putting it on there? People like me and you are just posting videos up on there. Who is to say that this information is correct, it is up to date,  it is from a credible source. It doesn’t, so you being the authority, a plumber you have got better credentials as you have worked in this field for some time and probably been educated as a plumber, this is my job, here is a five part mini-course on everything you need to know to install a bathroom. I will show you how to install a toilet correctly, the shower correctly, the washer and base correctly.

I will show you how to do fix issues with the toilet, stuff like that and again there are people on there. My sister’s boyfriend has looked on YouTube before to find that information about how to install things in his bathroom. So I know there are definitely people out there looking for this information, it is just getting in front of these people and presenting it to them.

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