When You Employ A Hinckley Web Design Company, Make Sure They Are Not Just Building You A Website, But Building You An Online Business. At Acen Digital We Create Beautiful, High Converting Website’s And Bring You Targeted Customers Who Will Buy Your Products Or Services.

So once you have a site what then? Will your customers come and buy your products? No. Web design is just the first step in creating a profitable online business. Once we have a great looking website, we need to work on getting traffic by using either search engine optimisation (SEO), Pay per click (PPC) or even social media.

We excel in our service as we understand how to use our web design skills and then drive targeted buyers to your purpose built pages, so when they land on your website they get exactly what they are after. Most people online will move on quickly if they don’t find what they are looking for straight away, which could result in a lost sale.

It all depends what your business is and how your customers buy your products or services, all businesses are unique.

Not all web design Hinckley companies are the same. When you are looking for a web designer for your business’s website, there are a few things you would want to consider before employing the right one.

  • 1) Can You Edit The Website Yourself After The Initial Website Build? 

    Think about if you have the time to edit the website yourself, this could be anything from a small change to adding pages or posts. If you want to save a little bit of money and have more control then you could look at doing this yourself, otherwise we can edit anything on the site for you with your instructions.

  • 2) Is It Going To Be A Static Site Or Do You Want To Update It With Content On A Regular Basis?

    Some business’s will create a website for their business and just use it as a brochure site to showcase their goods or services. This is fine, but some businesses need to add new products every week or some businesses like to add fresh content to the site, so as to build authority and enable themselves to get noticed by the search engines for that content.

  • 3) Do You Want To Sell Goods Through The Site?

    This can increase the cost of the site build Think about how you want to process the payments or what variables might be needed, just before the point of sale. Some popular payment gateways are SagePay, Paypal and Stripe to name a few.

  • 4) Do You Want To Supply The Images Yourself Or Use Stock Images?

    Depending on what type of business you have, you might want to add your own images on the site . Maybe you are a local business so you would want to give your customers a personalised feel to your site with images.

  • 5) Do You Want To Write The Text That Will Be On The Pages Yourself ?

    You know your customers better than us. If you want to write the content for the site then that’s fine or, if you just want to give us bullet points and we can write it from that or, we can just write the whole thing for you, either way it will sound great.

  • 6) What Kind Of Colour Scheme Would You Like To Use On The Site? 

    Sticking to a colour scheme is an important factor to make your website look visually appealing. 2 or 3 colours usually work well and we can help you pick these if you wish.

  • 7) What Purpose Do You Want The Website To Serve?

    It may sound obvious, sell more products or services but, if you can give your customers a smooth journey when they are on your site then you will make more sales, so we will ask you some important questions to get a feel for your customers wants and needs.

  • Every Business Needs To Have It’s Website On Google. 
  • Its Where 89% Of The Global World Wide Web Users Are.
  • Every Second There Are 34,000 Google Searches Which Equates To About 2.9 BILLION Searches Every Day.

RESULTS Are What Make Us Tick.

We thrive on seeing results for our clients. Driving traffic from Organic Search, Google Local Maps, Social Media, or Ads, which ever method it is, traffic is imperative to any online business, but traffic is just a part of the process, we understand that your traffic needs to convert into a sale, this is why we spend time to understand your business and your customers. Each visit to your website is a potential sale, we need to make sure the web design journey is as straight forward as possible for your customers so you can maximise every sale. We understand and practice the whole process, from concept to web design to web traffic to conversion

Google is by far the most targeted and largest search engine in the planets history. Google is the number one way to find any product or service for your online customers. If you want your products or services found you need a professional in SEO and conversions to get you in front of your ideal client.

We provide businesses with not only a market edge on your competitors but we will dominate your competitors and in turn, brand your businesses name in your industry. 

To move your business forward with it’s online sales today visit our Business Information Form or give us a call on 0800 808 5475




A customer makes their mind up about a site in 3 seconds, so web design plays a very important roll in your online image and sales conversions. When a site is built, web designers don’t typically incorporate any keyword optimisation or SEO for the site, they are website architects and don’t have a full understanding of SEO. We on the other hand are professionals in both. 

The aim is to get your businesses website aesthetically pleasing, easy to manoeuvre around and most importantly an optimised site to generate more customers. 

Our current SEO strategies are very powerful. The difference between a website on page 1 than on page 2 is a huge amount of volume of customers. Ultimately you will still share the customers even on page 1 but when you are in the top 3 spots you will be in amongst 76% of the traffic for that keyword.

For a website to get that much success takes some steps, but crucially SEO is there to optimise a businesses’ website and to generate maximum impact for you.



We will set up your social media channels and engage with your customers on the different platforms.

Customer visibility is crucial for every business, this is why our Social media specialists have the ability to gain you customers through social media marketing. Social media is not just playing a bigger part for your SEO rankings but with over 65% of all adults using Social networking sites it’s not something you can ignore. 

Conversion optimisation enables you to get better conversions without increasing your SEO or traffic. You can be getting a huge amount of traffic to your website but if it’s not converting at it’s best then you will be missing out on sales. We analyse your sales funnel and landing page and increase your sales using our proven methods.



Youtube is now the 2nd largest search engine in the world, which means customers are constantly using it to look for solutions. This is a huge opportunity for savy businesses to capitalise on. 

We create videos for your website from motion graphics to TV commercial level production which can represent your business and what your business stands for. We can also rank your video with SEO so you can have your own business commercial in the search engines

Pay Per Click (PPC) Is a great way to get instant traffic to your site by paying to advertise in the search engines. We can obtain increased targeted traffic to your site by managing and setting up a pay per click campaign on your behalf.

Like all advertising there is a short period of optimising your adverts for the best return (ROI) But once this is optimised you can confidently increase your spend which will increase your traffic quantifiably. 

Driven on data, content powered and ROI obsessed, Acen Digital is leading it’s industry to preform at the highest level. We are always pushing boundaries and discovering new ways to drive new growth for our clients.

Performance runs through our veins in everything that we do. We are a passionate agency producing great results across clients digital assets, social media, natural search and paid advertising.

Our passion and promise is to build our goals around your demands and budget.

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